Artist: Da In

The gorgeously vivid work of Korean-born painter and designer Da-In has been making waves on both the Korean art-scene and in more international circles. This is not surprising; the immediate appeal of her striking work is backed-up with real depth in its themes and imagery.

Artist: Kim Joon

Kim Joon is a Korean artist who creates fabricated renditions of “tattooed” bodies. These images show body parts, often transfigured and occasionally unrecognisable, covered in beautifully designed tattoo work that Kim has created.

Artist: Yoon Miseon

Seoul based artist Yoon Miseon, our very own modern-day Picasso, has the ability to see the world and the people in it as we truly are - distorted and twisted (no matter how hard we try to hide it).

Artist: Mi Ju

Korean artist Mi Ju produces elaborate large-scale paintings of surrealist critters. Her rich and striking work is often implosively colourful, assaulting the senses with a mesh of brightly rendered shapes and patterns.

Artist: Myeongbeom Kim

Myeongbeom Kim expresses serious environmentalist concerns. He frequently comments on the widespread threat to the natural world in the face of technological advancement and unabridged consumerism.

Artist: JeongMee Yook

In her work, JeongMee Yoon probes the nature of gender enforcement on children. This project features a series of photographs of young girls and boys surrounded by collections of pink or blue objects.