6 events happening in Seoul this week that we think look good.

6 events happening in Seoul this week that we think look good.

The thing about Seoul is, if at any point you ever get the itch to get up and do something cool or interesting, there's always at least 10 different things you can do. This weekend is no exception, especially if you like to get down. This weeks list is a little light on live music but still has a lot of cool events listed.

Seoul Shakespeare Company present: Garage

We’ve already done a lengthy review of this play in which we hurled superlatives at the production and the performers.

We’ll only say here that this show has an extremely limited run and this weekend’s four shows are you last chance to see it.

There’s showings on Saturday and Sunday afternoon/evening. The plays short length makes it easy to fit into a night of other activities too. 

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French synthpop producer Anoraak has been producing chilled out, retro-enfused music since his 2008 EP Nightdrive With You.

He’s currently on a tour of Asia that sees him play dates in Philippines, Singapore and he’ll be stopping by Seoul’s Cakeshop this Thursday (we know, we know, a school night).


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The excellent team behind the Mayfly series of exhibitions will be launching their 14th edition this week. 

Next Generation Slice A Room: Jjokbang will take place in Sidaeyeogwan(시대여관), a former post-war communal housing project that has now been converted into gallery space. The exhibition aims to use the unique space to explore the impact of housing as a metaphor for social stratification. 

Our full write-up can be found here.


Black Power Mixtape Screening

This week there will be a special screening of the 2011 documentary Black Power Mixtape. The film, directed by Goran Olsson is an examination of the Black Power movement of the late 60s and 70s. The story is told through the eyes of Swedish journalists and filmmakers. It features interviews with prominent figures such as Angela Davies, Bobb Seale, Huey P. Newton and Eldridge Cleaver.

The event is hosted by Resistance Korea, an expat-led group aiming to help their community feel empowered to have an affect in the current political climate. The progressively minded group aim to create a forum for ideas and discussion on causing positive change in the world.

The event will be accompanied by a pot-roast where guests are asked to bring whatever dish they think will go down well.


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The Backwoods

The Monkey Business returns this week and it’s got one of Tokyo’s biggest DJs to do an appearance. The Backwoods, aka DJ Kent (from Force of Nature) will be doing a set with some local maestros - DJ ffan, Dguru, and Hyungmin.

The Backwoods brings a huge fusion of sounds such as soul, funk, disco and filters them all through an old-school house style. 

There’ll also be live art from Maki and Galuh Anita Wandana.


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Living Room Second Birthday

Infamous party lounge Living Room turns two years old and to celebrate they’re having a few friends over. With DJs flying in from both Japan and China as well as some regular names, this promises to be a big night.

Headlining the stella lineup will be DJ Kou who released the criminally overlooked album HEART BEATS earlier this year. DJ Kou fuses an original concoction of old-school hip-hop beats, freaky jazz sounds with an earthy, kind-of sensual edge.


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5 events happening this weekend that we think look cool - for Halloween lovers.

5 events happening this weekend that we think look cool - for Halloween lovers.

SSC's brutal Garage (차고) builds tension through character.

SSC's brutal Garage (차고) builds tension through character.