5 events happening this weekend in Seoul that we think look cool - December, Week 1.

5 events happening this weekend in Seoul that we think look cool - December, Week 1.

Every week we try and dig through the best events happening in Seoul (and therefore the world) this weekend. As always we were spoiled for choice with music events being at the forefront of what's happening. So here are 5 of the things we hope to see you at this weekend.


Star Wars Burlesque

Do you like Star Wars but fed up with its complete lack of debauchery? Starlight Productions might have the answer for you.

Written by local playwright Rim Dandy (ahem) this production fuses together one of the most popular movie franchises of all time with a raunchy, burlesque ideology.

This irreverent show has adapted its own story but retains much of the imagery famous from the original saga. It’s a guaranteed hoot and promises to be a unique viewing experience.

Friday 8th and Saturday 9th of December, 9.00pm, Club Freebird Seoul.

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After causing a splash at this year’s Jisan Valley Rock Festival, electro party throwers Chill89 will be returning this week with another cool as fuck lineup.

Chill89 nights tend to revolve around classic synth sounds and the bands/DJs on offer reflect that with hip-hop, electro, pop and more among the genres on offer. The lineup includes performers who’s sound digs into the history of music and picks out the funkiest inspirations to work with.

The very cool Damn-Sun will be bringing their audio-visual retrocentricism to the event. This band have been setting the Seoul scene alight with their chilled-out brand of electronic, RnB-tinted disco. Their new album comes out soon (watch this space for updates) and the band will also be playing at Mayfly’s PIGBIT show this weekend.

Also featured is Nahzan Sue, who’s 2016 album Til The Sun Goes Up is an 80s funk influenced classic that would make Prince proud. Kirin, who are perhaps most famous for their 2016 90s hip-hop throwback single CITY BREEZE, will also be playing.

Those who’s music taste resides shamelessly in the here and now will be taken care of too. The lineup features two excellent contemporary pop acts in Sumin and Muzie.

As if that wasn’t enough to deserve your 10kKRW, the night will be rounded off with several top tier local DJs. Hodori and Tiger Disco will be dusting off their vintage disco tunes with Seoul Vinyl closing out the night.

Friday 8th December, 10pm, Channel 1969.

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Blue Jazz Christmas Special

Jin Kim and The Jazz Unit really are the real deal. They’re one of Korea’s top jazz acts and got there by foregoing the mellow, lounge-jazz that Korea is well known for. Instead they embrace a hard-bop, swing style with uptempo rhythms and vivid textures. 

Their semi-legendary Christmas shows are lively affairs that weave Christmas hits into other jazz numbers to a usual great response. 

The tickets for this are a little pricey at 50kKRW but we promise, if you can stretch that far you won’t regret it.

Friday 8th December, 8.00pm, JCC Arts Center.

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Crazy Multiply presents: Pidgin

This week our very good friends at Crazy Multiply will be hosting a one-off night of music and art with collaboration as the central focus.

“Pidgin" means a simplified form of language used for communication between people not sharing a common tongue. Here, the arts collective have interpreted that as creativity as a means of expression where language falls short.

The event kicks off at 4pm Saturday and is absolutely packed with things to do. There’ll be a gallery viewing where you can take in the products of the Pidgin experiment and there’ll also be artists talks and live bands.

Damn-sun (who we mentioned above) will be playing. Also featured will be the very cool Land of Peace who’s 2017 single Hometown is still a regular on our office stereo.

This event only runs for one day so do yourself a favour and don’t miss it.

Saturday 9th December, 4pm,  Yogiga Seoul.

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NST and The Soul Sauce and Ssing Ssing Live

This Sunday, Seoul will be treated to a lineup featuring two of Korea’s biggest best, genre-blasting bands. 

The first is firm KSM-favorites NST and The Soul Sauce. These guys are Korean-reggae pioneers. Infusing elements of different genres into their rootsy sound, the band are basically a reggae supergroup made up of all-star members of the Korean scene. Their warm, upbeat sound is backed up by their rowdy live show.

Eccentric rock band SsingSsing combine a very contemporary, art-driven sound with an authentic, traditional Korean vocal styles. This band are notorious for their freaky live performances and have been booked to play next year’s SXSW festival.  

Sunday 10th December, Whatever Hongdae.

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