10 events happening this weekend in Seoul that we think look cool December, Week 2.

10 events happening this weekend in Seoul that we think look cool December, Week 2.

OK, we might have gotten a little bit carried away this week. Our usual "5 events" list has doubled in size to a mammoth "10 events". We promise you though, the shortlist of top-notch activities for this weekend was twice the size of this. Some weeks we're just spoiled by this city...

Anyway, as per usual, here's our rundown of things happening in Seoul this weekend that we think look great.



Japanese Breakfast Live

Gimbap Records have done it again. The record store/concert promoter is on one Hell of a roll following two sold-out shows for Mild High Club last month as well as Chris Cohen, Owen Pallett, Whitney and Destroyer earlier this year.

To round off their year they’ve got American indie-pop act Japanese Breakfast coming to Seoul.

Japanese Breakfast is the side project of Michelle Zauner, the lead singer of emo-but-good band Little Big League. The band are responsible for one of the best albums of 2017, Soft Sounds From Another Planet, so it’s an absolute treat to get them here. This project is a little more lo-fi with a soft, synth-based style.

Be sure to get your tickets before they sell out.

Thursday 14th December, 8.00PM, HanaTour Vhall, Seoul.

For more information click here.


Louisahhh DJ Set

Industrial techno figurehead Louisahhh has been making music since the early 2000s but has really been making a splash in the last few years. Her intensely deep music and explosive DJ sets have made her stand out in her native New York and further afield.

This Thursday Louisahhh will be DJing at SOAP Seoul, headlining a huge lineup of talent. As well as Louisahhh there’ll be some local DJs including Apache, About Julian, Mignon and Trueunsol.

If you like deep, heavy techno this one is definitely for you.

Thursday 13th December, 10.00pm, SOAP Seoul.

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KNCDC presents: The Swan of Tuonela

This Friday, the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company will be presenting an incredibly special show as they adapt the composition The Swan of Tuonella (투오넬라의 백조).

The Swan of Tuonela is a symphonic poem by Finnish composer Jean Sibelius and is part of his Lemminkäinen Suite (Four Legends) series. The story is heavily adapted from classic Finnish folklore about a man called Lemminkäinen. In this section of the story, Lemminkäinen has been tasked with killing the sacred swan, but on the way, he is shot with a poisoned arrow and dies himself.

The KNCDC is an amazing institution who regularly put on groundbreaking shows in Seoul. This particular one runs for three nights, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so there’s no excuse for not seeing this truly unique experience.

Friday 15th, Saturday 16th, Sunday 17th of December, KNCDC, Seoul.

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Illa J

We’re absolutely pumped for this.

Detroit born John Derek Yancey produces silky smooth hip-hop that draws heavily on the singer's love of soul and jazz. He produces these really juicy songs full of heart but also with a solid groove. He’s the brother of famous rapper J Dilla.

His 2017 album Home is 12 songs of pure audio bliss. Lead single Sam Cook is a rich tribute to making ends meet that would make Marvin proud.

This Saturday he is headlining an absolutely packed lineup at MODECi Seoul.

Friday 15th December, 10.00pm, MODECi, Seoul.

For more information click here.


THOSE GIRLS present: Rewind

The very awesome team behind THOSE GIRLS will be putting on a retro-focused party this weekend and it looks like it’s going to be a big one.

THOSE GIRLS is a Seoul based female artist collective bound by one ethos - an in-your-face, no-apology approach to creativity.

This weekend they present Rewind: a madcap mix of burlesque and body art with music from bygone era. There’ll be drag/burlesque performances from Sacre Bleu and Vannesica as well as specially selected DJs playing until late.

Friday 15th December 10.00pm, ANDO Seoul

For more information click here.



Market Mingle and Jingle

Our good buddies over at Vineworks Korea will be opening their doors this weekend to a social gathering mixed with an artisan market. Say hello to Market, Mingle and Jingle.

Vineworks Korea is a wine store with a difference. They’re probably more well known for their excellent wine tasting sessions (that we’re a regular attendee of) and their drunken food-wine pairing nights.

For this event, they’ve teamed up with expat blogger The Soul of Seoul to put on a big crafts market full of food, jewellery, artwork and loads more. The award-winning blogger has been working hard to get a great selection of sellers that reflect the Christmas season.

This is a good chance to come and get some unique festive gifts, hear some nice music and meet some locals. Also, to drink wine. Lots and lots of wine.

Saturday 16th December, 12.00pm, Vineworks Hongdae. 

For more information click here.


Imperialism, an Introduction

If you’re looking for more intellectual activities then the newly formed organisation Anti-Imperialism and Decolonisation Studies in Seoul might be the best option for you.

This group does exactly what it says on the tin - discusses the problems caused by colonisation and talks about possible ways to counteract it.

The group has a strong academic leaning and for their first event will be analysing three short texts that are available on their Facebook.

This could be the start of an important group and a chance to really open your eyes to the problems caused by centuries of imperialism.

Saturday 16th December, 1.00pm, MOA Study Room, Sinchon

For more information click here.


Open Studio

We’ve already written about our love for the very awesome visual artist Da-In here… but whatever we’re going to write about it some more.

Da-In is a Korean artist who creates gorgeously vivid paintings that draw heavily on tropical aesthetics and the creator’s keen interest in the native folklore of various countries.

This weekend, Da-In will be taking part in a unique exhibition in Seoul. She’ll be teaming up with Gunhee and HootnAnnie to create an "open studio" show which will feature completed works from other exhibitions as well as works-in-progress. The aim is to give the viewer a glimpse into the process behind the work of these three artists.

Gunhee is a Korean-born illustrator who creates surrealist collages that mix photographs, newspapers and more with her incredibly well-textured painting style. Her work is strikingly beautiful and occasionally nightmarishly dark.

HootnAnnie is a Korean-American painter who produces very bold work - both visually and thematically. Her art unapologetically explores the artist’s feminist interests and queer sexuality while also examining ideas of isolation and longing.

All three of these huge talents will be showing their work this weekend with musical backing from Akimbo and DJ Closet.

Saturday 16th December, 2.00pm, Willoughby Seoul.

For more information click here.


Rise Again: Reggae Fest

An absolute treat takes place this Saturday night in one of Seoul’s biggest hidden gems - Rise Again Reggae Fest.

The annual reggae festival has been around since 2013 and features international acts, as well as home-grown talent from Korea’s criminally underrated reggae scene.

This year is no exception with a lineup made up of some of Korean reggae’s biggest acts as well as some emerging talent. 

The one-night event will feature no less than 7 and including KSM faves NST and The Soul Sauce. On top of that, there’ll be 8 DJs including two stars from Japan’s reggae selector scene. 

All of this takes place over two stages in Hongdae for a crazy low price of W35k. We’ll see you there.

Saturday 16th December, 7.00pm, Club Freeboard Seoul.

For more information please click here.



It’s no secret that we at Keun Soli love disco music. In fact, we think it’s probably the best kind of music ever made. Fortunately, we live in Seoul where there’s been somewhat of a disco revolution taking place over the last few years. This Saturday MODECi will introduce you to the DJs at the very heart of this revolution.

The lineup features 5 absolute stars of Seoul’s disco scene with the likes of Tiger Disco, Baxa and Jess You all making an appearance. 

If you love to dance and you like good disco music, this event should not be missed

Saturday 16th December, 9.00pm, MODECi, Seoul

For more information please click here.

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