5 events happening this weekend in Seoul that we think look cool - November, Week 4.

5 events happening this weekend in Seoul that we think look cool - November, Week 4.

Want to see cool live music, interesting art or decent films but can't be bothered scouring through the hundreds of events happening this week? Perhaps you want to see something a bit spicy this weekend but don't even know where to start with the labyrinthian Korean-language listings? Well, hopefully this will help narrow the scope. Here's the 5 things happening in Seoul this week that we would recommend:

Aseul free show and potluck

We’ve been a huge fan of Aseul since we started this magazine way back in 2014. Since then she’s changed her name and style a little but is still creating beautiful, atmospheric electronic pop. 

This weekend she’s playing an interesting show. Hosted by Opener, the night is a communal gathering that includes a potluck as well as several other musical guests.

The event is completely free, though it’s advised that you bring a dish to share among the people. It’s also limited to only 30 people and you have to preregister here.

The event is split into two parts. The first is a potluck; this is restricted to thirty people and involves pre-registering here and contributing some finger food. This starts at 7pm until 9pm.

The second part is open to anyone who wants to come and involves Aseul and other live acts and DJs. This kicks off a 9pm and need no registration. This will be going on until late.

Other musical acts featured on the bill include the ethereal pop maker Lofibaby and Red Bull 3Style Award winning DJ Doberman.

7.00pm, Saturday 25th November 2017, R3028 Arts, Seoul.

For more information click here.


Seoul City Stomp vol. 8

Seoul City Stomp + Living Room = Guaranteed Blast

Seoul City Stomp DJs are one of our favourite music selectors in town. They play a girthy mix of seoul, funk, disco, reggae all brought from their vintage vinyl vault. 

This week they’ll be playing at HBC’s coolest venue - Living Room for what promises to be a excellent night of music.

DJs include Mimi Noisecat and Pablo Winchester.

9.00pm, Saturday 25th November 2017, Living Room, Seoul.

For more information click here.


Korean Mime

Can say with safe certainty that this is the first mime show we’ve covered at Keun Soli, and we’re glad of the opportunity.

This week the Arario Gallery will be hosting two of the biggest names in Korean mime.  Kim Seong-gu and Yu Jin-kyu are known as instrumental in introducing Korea to the art form almost 30 years ago. Their performance this year will aim to take the audience on a historical tour of the development of their craft here in Korea. The show mergers the medium of mime with contemporary art ideals and aestherics, playing with light and creative stage production to put on a singular, experimental experience. This is not the standard street-performing show.

One advantage of course is that the lack of speech in mime means that our expat readers who can’t speak Korean will be able to enjoy some Korean culture without being lost by language barriers. 

7.30pm, Wednesday 22nd-Friday 24th November 2017, Arario Gallery, Seoul.

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Lazybone 20th Anniversary Show

Korean ska-punk pioneers Lazybone will be celebrating 20 years of staying young and going hard with a show in Seoul this weekend.

The band, who are well known for their skater-punk style of ska have been playing since 1997. They have been a big name on the Seoul punk scene since the early 2000s which saw them adopted as a theme for the South Korean hosted World Cup. Since then they’ve played the likes of Fuji Rock and opened for Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

The show will take place this Sunday and is a bargain at $30.

6.00pm Sunday 26th November 2017, Hana Tall VHall, Seoul.

For more information click here. 


Play It Again, Sam

This week 퇴근길 책한잔 will be screening the classic Woody Allen comedy Play It Again, Sam. 

The 퇴근길 책한잔  screenings have recently featured classic Hollywood films (such as Mr Smith Goes to Washington), groundbreaking documentaries (such as Requiem for the American Dream) and loads more.

This time they’re showing the critically loved comedy Play It Again, Sam. The film follows recently divorced and neurotic, Casablanca obsessed movie critic Allan Felix as he he attempts to bounce back from his recent breakup. The film features stella performances from Diane Keaton and Tony Roberts.

8.00pm, Friday 24th November, 퇴근길 책한잔, Seoul.

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Angle X 2017 is a unique fusion of music and visual art.

Angle X 2017 is a unique fusion of music and visual art.

5 events happening this weekend in Seoul that we think look cool - November, Week 3.

5 events happening this weekend in Seoul that we think look cool - November, Week 3.