5 Korean music podcasts you should follow.

Podcasting is a particularly popular medium for those who want to write about Korean culture, especially music. The vast majority of them cover K-pop, and that's not something we have the slightest interest in here at KSM.  There is hope, however, thanks to an evergrowing group of broadcasters who want to expose some of the real gems coming out of Koreas alternative scene. Here's our rundown of the best English language Korean music podcasts you should follow.

The best songs of 2017 - Part 1 #21-#40

What a year it has been for music here in Korea. Last time we did a run-down of our favourite tracks it was only ten songs long but there was so much great stuff this year, we couldn't cut it down any smaller than 40. Here're the first half of our selections with the second half coming soon.

Joey Bada$$ announces Seoul date.

It was announced earlier today that American hip-hop star Joey Bada$$ will be playing a date here in South Korea. Following his forthcoming tour of Australia, the Pro Era founder will be performing in live in Seoul.

Looking at the atmospheric, somber sound of Twomyung.

Seoul-based two piece TwoMyung have been releasing music since 2010. Since then they’ve seen their sound change and develop several times. From gentle piano pop to an intensely brooding electronica to a sweeping, classical style, this band are constantly evolving. Ahead of the release of their new album, we look back at their work so far.